Measuring drinking water quality with UVT
All products made and supported in Ireland

Photonic Measurements ltd is leading the way with a set of products focused on measuring organic content in water including the measurement of UV254 UVA and surrogates NOM, TOC, DOC, COD, BOD & other parameters

Our products are used globally and our optical measurement portable devices are available in multiple languages. Wherever you need to measure organic content in water, we have the tools to help you.

Photonic Measurements UV254 devices come in different forms: • A cuvette based system
• A dip probe
• A fixed installation probe/sensor system
• A Modbus probe/sensor

Photonic Measurements
UV254 Products

Photonic Measurements is a device designer and manufacturer. All our products are designed in uv254-Ireland and manufacturered in our Lisburn headquarters. We have a tightly focused product line and aim to provide a UV254 measurement for those based on a site and those who need a portable solution. The flexibility of our form factors allows you to continuously monitor a single point or to optimize an entire plant or to spot check multiple water-works across a large region or network.

UV254 Go

UV254 Portable cuvette system give UVA, UVT and surrogates values for COD, BOD, TOC and NOM

 UV254 probe

online measurement probe for water measuring organics in water

Dip Probe

Protable submersible uv254 measuring with 12 hour battery life