UV254 Products

Introducing our UV254 product range for enhanced Water Quality Monitoring. At Photonic Measurements we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for water quality monitoring. Our UV254 product range represents a significant advancement in the field, offering accurate and reliable measurements that contribute to a healthier environment and improved water treatment processes.

UV254 Go Portable Analyser

We understand the importance of having access to accurate and timely water quality data, even when you're on the move. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest innovation - the Portable UV254 Go. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, the Portable UV254 Go empowers professionals in the field to make informed decisions and ensure water quality wherever they go.

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UV254 Dip Probe Analyser

The Dip Probe is designed to be your go-to water testing companion, offering portability and ease of use. Its compact size allows you to carry it anywhere, from field visits to remote sampling locations. The device allows you to log and store test data for future analysis. and data sharing.

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UV254 Probe MODBUS

The MODBUS UV254 Probe employs advanced UV spectroscopy technology to provide accurate and reliable UV254 measurements. This parameter is essential for assessing organic matter concentrations and water quality. Built with MODBUS communication protocol, our probe seamlessly integrates with your existing monitoring systems. This allows you to consolidate data and access insights from a central platform.

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UV254 Continuous Monitoring System

Real-time UV254 measurements empower you to take immediate action in response to changes in organic matter levels, preventing potential water quality issues. Make informed decisions about water treatment processes based on accurate UV254 data, optimizing chemical usage and operational efficiency. Detect variations in UV254 levels and address potential contamination events early, safeguarding water quality and public health. 

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